CID officer handling my husband's murder asked me to marry him- J.B Danquah's wife reveals

Ivy Heward Mills, the widow of the late MP for Abuakwa North J.B Danquah, has made startling revelations about how the man investigating her husband's gruesome murder asked her to marry him.

CID officer handling my husband's murder asked me to marry him- J.B Danquah's wife

Without mentioning the officer's name, Haward-Mills revealed that the officer called her one Sunday morning to tell her how beautiful she was as well as proposing marriage to her.

She said: "I have had jesters amongst his peers call me names and cast aspersions at me; perhaps out of fear of their own dark shadows! I have had de-facto spokespersons, aided by media houses, slandering me.

"I have had his townsfolk attack my family and I. I have been summoned to the Police HQ on countless occasions and subjected to what I would casually describe as “the act of scrubbing a fresh wound with Himalayan rock salt” and topped up with a million and one questions including, to my shock, a very gleeful “so madam do you wear waist beads?” in a meeting room populated by a men only CID team who perhaps thought it was their birthright to get familiar with what’s in every woman’s underwear!

She continued: "And if you think that’s inappropriate, try that Sunday morning when one of those men; a man at the helm of investigating my husband’s murder, thought it sensible to muster the sheer unadorned temerity, call me and tell me how beautiful / sexy he thinks I am and give me reasons why I must marry him; an already married man. Yes, he had the audacity... and this was the head of a certain significant unit at the CID... and I’m supposed to trust that they did a great job? May God forgive him.

J.B Danquah Adu was stabbed to death on the night of Tuesday, February 9, 2016, at his Shiashie residence in Accra.

Daniel Asiedu and one other person Vincent Bosso (who has absconded) were arrested and charged with murder and abetment of the murder of the late MP.

Asiedu was arrested two days after the incident.

Last week, he requested the family of the late MP to forgive him after confessing that he killed the legislator.

The accused also known as 'Sexy Dondon' who voluntarily made the confession at the district court said he was contracted by some personalities to kill the former MP for the Abuakwa North constituency.

He said the second accused person, Vincent Bosso, was not part of the planning and execution of the MP's death.

He said "I have now given my life to God; I want to tell the truth so that the MP’s family will forgive me".

Ms Arit Nsemoh, presiding magistrate asked him who he was referring to as the contractors or planners of the MP's murder but he said he could not remember their names.

He told the court that he remembered he wrote their names in one of his statements to the police.

During the trial, the prosecutor, Ms Sefakor Batse, a Senior State Attorney, said that the state would call 11 witnesses and also rely on 29 pieces of exhibits to prove its case at the High Court.

The trial is expected to commence at the Accra High Court on March 11, 2016.

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