Eric Don-Arthur defends Victoria Hamah, says she’s honest, has integrity

Veteran television personality Eric Don-Arthur has leapt to the defence of Victoria Hamah, describing her as an honest lady who has integrity.

Eric Don-Arthur defends Victoria Hamah, says she’s an honest lady with Integrity

This follows some recent statements by Blakk Rasta after the National Organiser of the NDC, Joshua Akamba, said the party did not treat Ms Hamah fairly in the aftermath of her audio leak.

It will be recalled that in 2013, while Ms Hamah was serving as Deputy Communications Minister under the John Mahama administration, she came under the spotlight after she was allegedly heard in an audio recording claiming she wanted to make a million dollars from politics.

Although Ms Hamah has since explained that the said audio was doctored, it cost her her job as Deputy Communications Minister at the time.


In a recent interview with Kumasi-based Ultimate FM, the NDC’s National Organiser said it was pressure from the NPP that made the party to sack her from office, insisting she wasn’t treated fairly.

However, Joshua Akamba was attacked by Blakk Rasta for offering support to Ms Hamah, with the musician and radio host describing the NDC official as “a fool”.

Reacting to this, television personality Eric Don-Arthur has also defended Ms Hamah, while calling out Blakk Rasta for being an attention seeker.

In a long write-up, the veteran broadcaster said Ms Hamah is a woman with integrity and called for her to be supported rather than demonized.


Read Eric Don-Arthur’s full statement below:

My Brother Black Rasta is an entertainer who continuously craves and therefore understandably constantly courts public attention through various means including controversy by means of making provocative pronouncements as a public persona in a characteristically staged patois accent that he quite entertainingly completely dropped when he was hauled before Parliament to provide explanations in response to his alleged aspersions that most of its house members smoke cannabis.

My Sister Victoria Hamah is a gender activist, seasoned politician, and PhD candidate who was appointed as Deputy Minister for Communications by HE President John Mahama and subsequently secretly recorded by a jealous Cousin during a private conversation with their Auntie.

The recording was then maliciously cut so as to present it to the public in a way that casts Victoria Hamah completely out of context and character; and courts public disaffection and political disrespect for her.

As a man of intelligence, intellect and integrity, Joshua Akamba has indicated that Victoria Hamah got treated most unfairly - which is indeed the unfortunate Truth.


In actual fact we desperately need more intellectual young women in our party, and we should therefore do everything possible to help promote them in this regard and protect them from political parasites and predators.

Moreover, Victoria Hamah has in actual fact always been, and still is a very ethical and honest lady of integrity - as anyone who really knows her true character would readily accordingly attest to.

Meanwhile there have been many instances of corruption and other crimes whose public office holding perpetrators have not been so demonized and publicly ridiculed for - which leads us to the question of why this is so, and what can we duly best do to sustainably correct it.

In any case, if my brother Blakk Rasta has been misled in his misevaluation of Victoria Hammah, and his unfortunate misunderstanding of her cousin's malicious manipulation of her recording along with the rest of the general public - then I would hope that this message might eventually get to him, and help him to learn and understand the Truth.

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