Communications and PR Manager, West Africa at Google, Mr Taiwo Kola-Ogunlade reviewed Google search trends which indicate that globally, online searches for health/ fitness /gyms peak in December/ January, while in Nigeria, they follow a quarterly pattern, with Nigerians searching for gyms more than health, wellness or fitness.

At a group session where the mobile devices were tested, Analytical Lead at Google, Mr Abdulsalam Abdullateef  demonstrated how a variety of Android apps and Android wearable devices can be used during exercise or just to make daily activity much easier, e.g checking the weather news, asking for directions, surfing the internet, taking dictation( Kindly see your copy of  OK Google, Let’s Recap, for a description of the devices and apps e.g Tabata and  Fit App, which works with an accelerometer on Android smart watches to measure distance walked, calories burned, heart rate, etc during workouts)

Then the fun began!  Participants were put through their paces with aerobics exercises; cycling and a Zumba session.