Which Social Media metrics should you track in 2022?

Social media marketing is the need of almost all businesses.

Tips on earning money through Social Media

However, social media marketing is much more than simply posting on social media platforms. Also, the social media marketing strategy depends upon the goal of the business. A rookie mistake that most social media marketers make is that they simply focus on the likes and comments of the post. However, there are many more metrics that need to be considered to check whether the social media marketing strategy has worked or not.

You've started social media marketing; how will you know whether it is successful or not? It is only possible to see the result of social media marketing only when you track the critical social media metrics. By tracking the social media metrics, you can also find the return on investment; it also throws light on whether you need to change this strategy or not.

Without tracking the social media metrics, you are just shooting in the dark and hoping your social media marketing will work. Further, you can make informed decisions with the right combination of different social media metrics. Here is the list of a few such social media metrics that you should track in 2022 to check the success of social media marketing.

  • Impressions and Reach

Social media platforms provide an excellent opportunity for any brand to increase its brand awareness. To do the same, it is crucial to increase the impressions and reach of the post. Impressions give you information about the number of people who saw the post. The number of viewers of your WhatsApp Status indicates the impression. On the other hand, reach refers to the unique social media users who have seen the post.

By tracking the impression and reach, you can check whether you are using the right hashtags to reach out to a larger audience or not. Further, it will give you an insight into the post’s engagement. You can increase the impression, reach, and engagement rate with the proper analysis.

  • Engagement Rate

Engagement rate refers to the reactions, comments and shares that your posts like Cool Photos of your brand manage to receive from the audience. With proper engagement, you can increase the brand loyalty of your business. Further, it is an important metric to check whether you are resonating with the followers or not. Monitoring the engagement rate will allow you to improve your social media posts to ensure you connect with the audiences better.

  • Web traffic sources

Most of the time, social media marketing is done to increase the business’s web traffic. It is because it is the website where the actual sales of the businesses occur. In such a scenario, checking the channels from which the website’s traffic is coming is important.

It is important to go beyond simple visits to the website and further check how the users are engaging with the website. Analysing this will help you to reduce the bounce rate of your website.

  • Social sentiment

Analysing social sentiment helps you know how the audiences feel about your brand. Sometimes, measuring social sentiment is as easy as monitoring the messages you receive and the keywords that the people search in relation to your brand. One can also go for sophisticated tools for more analysis of social sentiments.


A positive social sentiment indicates that you are moving in the right direction with your social media marketing strategies. On the other hand, negative social sentiments need to be taken care of immediately and seriously.

  • Conversion

It is the most critical metric a social media marketer needs to measure to see the success of the social media marketing strategy. The ultimate purpose of engaging in social media marketing is to get more customers. Simply liking or engaging the post is not enough if the social media marketing strategy fails to bring new customers to the business. Therefore, it is important to see how many people are becoming actual customers of your brand.

Analysing the different social media metrics makes it possible to ensure the marketing strategy’s success. One can manually track these metrics; however, using the right tools and software to do the same will simplify the entire process. Irrespective of how you analyse the metrics, it is essential to ensure that you are analysing and tracking them.




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