The incident occurred during a violent encounter between the two NPP executives.

The encounter, according to reports occurred when Bugri Naabu called for an emergency meeting involving regional executives.

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He was attacked for allegedly removing and replacing members of both the Regional Council of Patrons and Elders without any consultation.

Mr. Haruna Tia was a member of the Council of Patrons and his name was expunged and replaced without any form of communication.

According to reports by Accra-based Starr FM, Haruna Tia reportedly rained insults on Bugri Naabu before striking his chest hard with his hands.

The encounter occurred on Friday night at the Modern City Hotel in Tamale where the meeting was held.

According to Bugri, he was accused by his predecessor of deliberately taking out names of perceived rivals and putting in names of his own supporters.

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He said whiles on his way to address the meeting, Haruna Tia suddenly came up to him and questioned his authority to reconstitute the Elders.

He added: "I was going to address the meeting the President wanted to have with the people so when I was about to go and climb the story building, Harun Bees came to me and said, ‘look, I want to tell you, the selection you made’  change it, and I said what selection…He said Council of Patrons and Elders and I asked him why should I change it. I said why? After all, I have done the selection, not only me; we are regional executives so why should change it.

"That I don’t like Dagombas and I asked him those people I chose are they not Dagombas, before I realized he has given me blow in my chest. In fact, the young boys who were with me wanted to take action and I said no; if you love me, you love the party, you love Nana, forget it, let’s go and I went."

Bugri Naabu explained that "I just asked him is that the way we solve problem, thank you and I walked away. What will I say? because I didn’t want it to be seen that there is a problem because so many things were going on."

He noted that he didn’t hit the former chairman back because "by now he (Haruna) will have been dead and they will say that chairman Bugri has killed somebody. I won’t do it so I think I leave everything with the elders and the police."