Referee Lathbridge pleads with the Ghana Football Association

Ghanaian referee pleads with the Ghana Football Association to lift his ban for life after committing an error leading relating to the Accra Great Olympics case

Infamous Ghanaian referee Reginald Lathbridge opened up on the ban he received from Ghana Football Association not to practice any football related activity for life.

Reginald Lathbridge was found guilty by the Disciplinary Committee as he was charged of failing to submit an accurate and complete report if a game on Match day 7 between Bechem United and Elmina Sharks.

“I have been very honest in the issue at hand, Let us all be honest in our dealings, it could take you even a year to realize you made a mistake.

Referee Lathbridge has been banned for any football related activity in Ghana for Life after he was found guilty when he appeared before the Ghana Football Association Disciplinary Committee.

He also apologized for the error he made which eventually delayed the start of the 2017/2018 Ghana Premier League.

The statement released by the Ghana Football Association did state that Referee Lathbridge’s actions were in violation of Articles 22 and 35(7) and later on outlined the importance of Match Official’s reports

“Reginald Lathbridge's actions are held to be in violation of the Articles 22 and 35(7) in the GFA General Regulations.

The Disciplinary Committee states that the importance of the Match Official’s Reports in football cannot be overemphasized in view of Article 85 of the GFA Disciplinary Code which presumes that the Referee’s Report is accurate and considered authoritative regarding matters on incidents that take place on the field of play and the far-reaching consequences any inaccuracy may lead to.”

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