This is how Nyantakyi almost involved George Weah in Anas expose'

Kwesi Nyantakyi almost landed George Weah into trouble

The latest piece by investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas caught several match officials an football administrators including Nyantakyi on camera receiving monies suspected to be bribes.

The bankroller for Wa All Stars FC has resigned from FIFA, CAF and GFA and is currently serving a 90-man ban for bringing the name of the game into disrepute.

Kweku Baaku who is Anas' confidant has indicated the President of Liberia would have been implicated by Nyantakyi in the expose' if Tiger Eye were interested.

Baako reading an alleged e-mail correspondence between Kwesi Nyantakyi and Tiger PI on Saturday 25th March, 2017 indicated that Anas and his investigative company didn't meet George Weah as proposed by Nyantakyi because the President of Liberia, who was then a presidential candidate wasn't part of their agenda.

"Please, I realise that the transfer through the bank is problematic. Ahmed, Abu (Abdulai Abu Alhassan) and George Weah are coming to Doha on Tuesday, with all due respect to you, kindly deduct your share and hand over the cash to Ahmed and Abu on Tuesday when they come to Doha. George Weah is the presidential candidate in Liberia, he was world best footballer in 1995. He played for Monaco, PSG, AC Milan and Chelsea. He is very popular and well known, he will win the election... The current President of Liberia supports him, he is very well known in Qatar... but on this trip he is coming to meet Sheikh only, he doesn't want media coverage or reportage on it. It should be discrete and confidential, the election re-run will take place on December 10," Baako said on Wednesday during Accra based Peace FM’s morning programme, Kokorokoo.

He said the refusal of the Tiger Eye team (who were posing as a Sheikh interested in investing in Ghana) to meet Weah infuriated Nyantakyi who had spent money on tickets for Weah to Doha for the meeting and was desperately trying to widen his scope of influence.

"The Tiger Team did not meet them because for them it was not part of their agenda... and Kwesi Nyantakyi got angry that he had reached the place with this George Weah....

"He was trying to widen his scope of influence. Okay, that is the influence peddler in him that was working and so he is bringing a Presidential candidate who he was sure would win... So he got angry and these are telephone conversations, the transcripts".

He said, when the Weah meeting did not happen, Nyantakyi began to suspect that the people he was dealing with were not genuine and threatened them.

Baako in a change of mood later empathised with Nyantakyi, explaining that he has been his backer over the years but there was nothing he could have done to salvage his (Nyantakyi) situation.

“I’ve backed him and I like him. This is a painful experience. I’m genuinely hurt except that there’s no way I could have controlled or manipulated the process in his favour," he stressed.

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