Check out the new classic red car of Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos gets red classic car as early birthday gift

The captain of Real Madrid Sergio Ramos has acquired a new classic Red Fiat 300 as an early birthday gift from his brother.

The Spanish defender turns 32 on 30 March and Ramos was ever elated to receive the car.

Ramos was elated to extent that he took to Instagram with him standing by the car with the caption

Classic cars never die,' 'Early birthday presents. Thanks. Love you bro.'

The car has sr4 emblazoned on the side with reference to the initials of the name Sergio Ramos which is followed by his jersey number.

Real Madrid then go on to face Eibar in their next La Liga fixture.

Sergio Ramos has accrued a total of 24 red cards during his career at Real Madrid.

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