Bill Cosby finally sits down for his first TV interview since been accused by over 30 women of sexual misconduct in the last six months.

Speaking with Good Morning America's Linsey Davis in Alabama on May 15, the Cosby was asked, "Are you prepared for the backlash if a young person comes up to you and says my mom said you did some bad things?" she inquired. "How will you answer that if they are pressing you?"

The 77-year-old responded: "I'm not sure that they will come like that. I think that many of them say, 'Well, you're a hypocrite. You say one thing, you say the other.' My point is ...I'm telling you where the road is out. ...Do you wanna go here or do you wanna be concerned as to who is giving you the message?"

When Davis asked, "Are you concerned at all given the allegations that that may overshadow your message?"

The Cosby Show star started to get emotional when addressing the media firestorm surrounding him over the past six months. "I have been in this business 52 years and I've never seen anything like this," he said. "Reality is a situation and I can't speak."

As for how he sees this affecting his legacy, Cosby doesn't seem worried. "I don't really know about what I'm going to do tomorrow," he told Davis. "I have a ton of ideas to put on television about people and their love for each other."

Note that Cosby has denied all allegations made by these women and has not been criminally charged.