People sabotage me because they don't understand me - Shatta Wale

Multiple award-winning Dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale has opened up about the reasons people sabotage him in the industry adding that they mainly don't understand him.

Shatta Wale apologises to IGP for disrupting meeting with entertainers

According to the ‘On God’ hitmaker, he knows a lot of gatekeepers who are sabotaging him just because they want to create someone who they can use to do businesses


In a recent interview with Captain Smart on the show ‘Onua Maakye’, Shatta Wale claimed he has been greatly misunderstood in the music industry since his early days.

Shatta Wale went on to say the sabotaging didn’t start from now but since his bandana days, a lot of people try sabotaging which he knows that’s why he doesn’t fear mentioning names.

“Yeah I know a lot of people sabotaging me that’s why I don’t fear mentioning names and they know I know them and they should stop because Shatta has been sabotaged since bandana days to Shatta days,” Shatta Wale Said

“And there is this agenda of the industry gatekeepers creating certain artists who they use for business purposes, I am also a businessman if you seat with me and you want to create a good business plan with me, we can package it and build it for 10 years but if you don't understand me and you want to make the whole thing look like I am a bad person” Shatta Wale added

According to Shatta, most gatekeepers sabotage him because they don't understand him when it comes to the business side of him.

Shatta Wale has been in the news for a couple of days now for fighting his fellow industry members. Notable among them is his beef with his former manager Bulldog.

The two who have been engaged in a dirty fight on social media have made some damning allegations against each other with the famous singer discrediting Bullgod's contribution to his brand development.


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