Root Eye is selfish and hypocrite - Mr Logic

Artiste manager, Mr Logic, says Director of Reggae and Dancehall at the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), Root Eye, is a hypocrite.

Mr Logic

Root Eye has alleged that Logic is against his position at MUSIGA because he has a personal problem with him [Root Eye]. He hesitated in commenting on the issue on Daybreak Hitz on the basis that Logic does not deserve to be given that attention.

Logic, however, discredited those claims on the same platform and called Root Eye a hypocrite.

He insisted that Root Eye is not competent to occupy that position.


“My point of he not being competent is clear. I asked a question that can anyone give me one reggae or dancehall achievement Root Eye has ever made in Ghana apart from the fact that he was featured on Reggie’s track. He has not being instrumental on reggae and dancehall. Even on radio, he plays hiplife and other genres… So when the question came, as a man who has groomed a lot of talents, when I air my view, I don’t expect he as the Director of reggae to be angry and start attacking me; rather ask why Logic would say that,” he told host, KMJ.

Adding: “…If you come on radio and say you don’t know Logic, then you are a hypocrite. I don’t have any personal problem with Root Eye. He does not have the competence because he is not connected. Secondly, he is selfish. Third, he is in to kill the same people he is yet to lead. How could you extinguish rasta out of reggae when reggae is actually a rasta property. You cannot say that people with locks are dirty…?

Mr Logic opines Root Eye’s conception and plan for reggae music will eventually collapse the industry.

“This is a man who is coming in to kill the potency of reggae and its impact by coming to commercialise reggae and make it seem like a joke,” he noted.

Asked if he was interested in the position, Logic said, “I will never endorse myself for any appointment. As a matter of fact, I’m busy I cannot occupy that position” but “by influence and experience, I would say Black Santino” deserves it.


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