Veteran group begs fans for money to complete new album

Reports calim the all-girls music group have began a fundrasing campaign online where fans could contribute with benefits for their new music.

The all-girls music group TLC are presently pleading with their fans for finacial support inorder to finish their new album.

According to reports, the group's remaining two members – T.Boz and Chili – require $150,000 for the new album.

They have created a kickstarter crowd funding page to raise money for their new music of which they've been able to raise $55,000 so far.

However, anyone who contributes doesn't go empty-handed. Contributors stand a chance to receive some prizes from the singers.


For every $5, you get an exclusive Kickstarter remixed single! For a $10, a PDF file of a list of TLC's favorite songs. For $15, you get a digital copy of the album. And for $5k, you get a slumber party with T-Boz or Chili.

Now, how good is that!


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