Singer makes shocking revelations

Female artist and single mother reveals the hard times and good times of her 2014.

One of Nigeria's top singers Waje is doing quite great in the music industry lately, especially with her new svelte figure and latest catchy song 'coco baby'.

The single mother of one took to her Instagram page to share with her fans that it hasn't been an easy year. She said that in fact she was about to give up on her music career entirely.

"Good morning sweets. I'm grateful for so much. At the end of 2013 I was in a very dark place, toxic relationship,wanted to quit music and was worried about my weight, health issues and actually believed everyone around me was balling except me lol, but This year!!! I've grown a very thick skin, so things that will usually hurt are now refreshment when my friends and I are gisting lol (bad belle is allowed), my daughter graduated, moved into a bigger house with everything I want in it, I invested more in business and God gave me more, can afford to take care of my parents, I no longer give excuses for my failures, I just get up and ask the Holy Spirit to help, discernment is my best friend and even when it's far from me I retrace my steps. I'm more mature, not quick to anger like I was in the past and my year is ending in the most beautiful way,My whole family is here with me. I ve you guys. There's so much to be thankful for. 2015 will be a better year, I know this cos I know my father, he loves me enough to ensure that my testimonies never end. What's your testimony? Let's rejoice with u  ".

All Waje fans out there are glad she didn't quit music. She has survived as a single mother which is not the easiest thing and also she is a Glo Mobile ambassador and lucky to have performed at so many shows this year.

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