Yvonne Nelson speaks against abortion; says 'I’ll tell you guys a story'

Yvonne Nelson is empowering young women to have children anytime they are faced with an unwanted pregnancy.

Yvonne Nelson

The Ghanaian actress also advised that people who are not ready to have children should rather have protected sex to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Yvonne Nelson shared this piece of advice on social media.

Taking to the bluebird app, she tweeted, "if you get pregnant, have the baby. If you aren’t ready to be a parent, protect yourself. Its a blessing to conceive".

It is unclear what has pushed the mother of one to speak against abortion. However, she concluded her tweet by adding that "I’ll tell you guys a story soon". The post has been attracting mixed reactions.

A Twitter user @amec__ wrote "you can’t tell people what to do or what not to do. Pregnancies come as a result of a mistake, failure of contraceptives etc. cut that crap already" but another tweep @lpinsam3 replied, "it’s just an advice and not everyone will listen so rest".

Another social media user adding his thought to Yvonne's tweet said ""A story?" lol. I guess it's not your life story you've said so many times on radio that your dad didn't wonna accept you nu? And moreover, if its a blessing to conceive, how many children do you have now auntie Yvonne?".

A fan who came out to defend the actress said "if you get pregnant and in the process miscarriage happen it a blessing for you to say you are not barren And stop asking how many children does she have. What she posted is clear, reading unnecessary meanings into it is of no use".

See the tweets below for how others on the microblogging platform have been taking Yvonne Nelson's advice.

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