Padmore Abekah releases Mother’s Day anthem ‘Sweet Sweet Mother’(Ena Pa)

In anticipation of Mother's Day in May, gospel musician Padmore Abekah has released a soul-stirring anthem that pays homage to the exceptional women in his life--mother and wife.

Gospel musician, Padmore Abekah

Titled ‘Sweet Sweet Mother’ (Ena Pa), the song is an expression of gratitude and admiration for the tireless efforts and sacrifices made by mothers and women everywhere.

Padmore’s inspiration for ‘Sweet Sweet Mother’ (Ena Pa) traces back to his upbringing, where he witnessed firsthand the unwavering dedication of his mother. Reflecting on his childhood, he recalls moments of hardship and sacrifice, where his mother's love shone brightly. However, it was the journey of fatherhood that truly deepened Abekah's appreciation for the strength and endurance of women.

Padmore recounted the emotional rollercoaster of his wife's pregnancy, a time marked by tears, pain, and countless hurdles. Witnessing her struggle stirred a sense of admiration and respect within him, triggering a desire to honour not only his wife and mother but all women who courageously go through the challenges of motherhood.

He said, "I witnessed my mother going through a lot, taking care of me and my younger siblings," Padmore shared with his voice laden with emotion. "But it wasn't until I witnessed my wife giving birth and experiencing her pain that I truly understood the depth of a mother's love and the pain they go through."


Driven by this newfound appreciation, Parmore embarked on a musical journey to capture the essence of motherhood in a song. Sweet Sweet Mother’ (Ena Pa) is a thank you song for the unconditional love that defines the maternal spirit.

The man who hails from Wassa Amenfi in the Western Region said “In 2022, I decided that I was going to write a song for my wife and mum. My wife liked it so much, my mum danced to the song and said this could be a big project. And by the grace of God in two years we have the song, so that is the product of hard work. He says the love we are showing our women is not enough and we have to show them more love.

Released just this week, Sweet Sweet Mother’ (Ena Pa) has already garnered acclaim as a potential anthem for Mother's Day as Padmore’s vocals and lyrics weave beautifully a song of gratitude and reverence.


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