We are all witches and wizards – Osofo Kojo Bentil reveals

Renowned spiritual leader and Founder and Leader of Onyame Kese Krom, Osofo Kojo Bentil has asserted that every individual possesses the inherent potential to be a witch or wizard, a fact unknown to most people.

Osofo Kojo Bentil

He made this thought-provoking revelation on TV3's Confessions, hosted by Miss Nancy. During the interview, Osofo Kojo Bentil lamented the tendency of black people to be latecomers in acknowledging certain truths.

"It is sad oftentimes that we as black people always want to be the last people to come into anything," he remarked.

"I said we are all witches and wizards, but we just do not know."

The spiritual leader went on to elaborate on his perspective, linking rebellion to the first sign of witchcraft.


"Let me show you a simple trick," he added.

"It says rebellion is the first sign of witchcraft, and who rebels? Every single one of us rebels, growing up at a point in our lives, teenage years. So, according to the Bible Yardstick, it means all of us have the tendency to become witches and wizards to a particular degree."

Osofo Kojo Bentil questioned why African and black people seem to be the last to realize this inherent potential. Drawing parallels with the Western world, he pointed out the existence of schools dedicated to witchcraft, where practitioners evolve into top scientists.

"It is an energy, it is a spirit when you see something the average person is not seeing," Osofo Kojo Bentil explained. "When you're about to go into a car, something in you tells you to sit home, don't go. That is your soul giving you information about what is happening that is not manifested physically, and all of us have that ability," he further explained.


He emphasised that being in tune with this energy doesn't necessarily involve harmful practices, stating, "It doesn't take a witch to kill somebody; even in the churches, we kill." According to Osofo Kojo Bentil, it is an individual's characteristic, and those who resist the idea may themselves possess the qualities of a witch.

The assertion that we are all witches and wizards, according to him, sheds light on the latent potential within each person, waiting to be recognized and understood.


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