Ghanaian preacher suffers sexual harassment from twerking ladies in UK [video]

A video circulating on social media captures an unsettling incident involving Ghanaian preacher Eben Ablorh, who faced open harassment from two ladies in the UK.

Ghanaian preacher suffers sexual harassment from twerking white ladies in UK

The footage depicts Ablorh spreading the Word of God in a public space in Stratford, London. However, his preaching is abruptly interrupted by the unwanted advances of the two women.

“Ghanaian Preacher Eben Ablorh was abused by some white UK - Stratford ladies as he shares the word of God,” the video was captioned.

While holding a microphone and delivering his sermon, Ablorh is confronted by the white ladies making sexual advances towards him. In response, Ablorh can be heard speaking into the microphone, firmly stating, “I don't want it; I have a better one at home…hallelujah.”

Despite the preacher’s protest, the women persistently follow him, continuing their suggestive acts, with a clear intention to disrupt the spread of the word of God.


While they were at it, an unidentified person who filmed the women's actions could be heard saying “Let's record it; we need to record this… we will show them what they were doing. Back off, stop it, don't touch him.”

The footage has stirred numerous reactions online, with some people condemning the women’s conduct.

In an earlier report, a pastor recently made headlines by introducing a rather unconventional ritual during the ceremonial crossover from 2023 to 2024. As part of the church's activities, the pastor opened his legs, forming a V-shape through which his congregants were expected to crawl, symbolizing a successful transition into the new year.

A video circulating online captures the unusual scene, showcasing the pastor's parishioners lining up on all fours, one after another, as they crawled through the pastor's open legs.


The identity of the church, the pastor involved, and the location of this unique crossover service remain shrouded in mystery at this time.


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