Man who’s kept arm upward for 10 years says he wants his god to notice him (video)

Just as pupils raise their hands in the classroom to be noticed by their teacher to either contribute or answer a question, so has a religious man kept his right arm raised for over a decade to honour his god and be noticed.

Mahant Radheypuri Juna Akhara

Mahant Radheypuri Juna Akhara, an Indian sadhu, said that he decided to keep his arm upward in honour of the Hindu deity, and doesn’t intend to lower it because he doesn’t feel any pain.

In a Twitter video that went viral recently, he said that his arm has gotten stuck in that position and it doesn’t hurt anymore to keep it raised above his head.

Interestingly, even while sleeping, Mahant keeps his arm in that position. He said in the Twitter interview that it hasn’t crossed his mind to ever lower the arm.

It is reported that the exercise is only painful in the first couple of years, but subsequently, the muscles in the arm become so atrophied that the whole appendage becomes numb and stuck in that abnormal position.

Meanwhile, he is not the trailblazer in this bizarre way of worshiping his deity. According to, there is another sadhu called Amar Bharati, who has been holding his right arm up for over half a century, becoming a symbol for Shiva worshipers all over India.

The news website reports that over a decade ago, it came to light that Bharati had kept his arm upward for about 38 years at the time.

Well, everyone has the right to worship whatever they believe in and how they want to go about doing so. One can only wish Mahant well in his quest to get noticed by his god.

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