15-year old girl killed herself after her best friend committed suicide

15-year-old schoolgirl hanged herself after failing to cope with the suicide of her best friend who jumped  from a multi-storey car park.

15-year old girl killed herself after her best friend committed suicide

Jennifer Fry was still deeply upset over her close friend and classmate Tom Boomer’s suicide a year earlier when she ended her own life near her home village of Chadlington in Oxfordshire.

An inquest heard Tom, her friend at Chipping Norton School, killed himself in March 2014, ten days after receiving anti-depressants because he was struggling to cope after moving schools.

Despite a reported improvement in his mood in the days before his death, he threw himself off the car park aged 14, hours after texting a friend that he was ‘constantly contemplating suicide’.

Today’s inquest heard that officers found Jenny had also sent two suicidal texts to friends, telling them of her plans to harm herself in the woods.

She was found dead wearing her school uniform by her mother Debbie Fry in woodland.

Mrs Fry revealed on the day of her daughter’s death she had had an ‘instinctive feeling’ that something was wrong when she left the house.

She added: ‘Then I had two voicemails from the school later that day saying that she had not turned up to school. I found out she had sent two texts saying she wanted to hurt herself and the last time she was seen was by her sister Emma, running into the woods.

Both her parents also argued that Jenny’s suicidal ideation was the result of radiation poisoning because of Wi-Fi in the home and at school.


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