The Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Nick Clegg, has announced that an extra £1.25 billion will be spent on ‘talking therapies’ and other treatment for children who suffer from mental health problems such as self-harming, depression or suicidal thoughts.

The Minister made the announcement at the Liberal Democrat spring conference in Liverpool today, March 14.

The Budget on March 18 will set out how the extra funding will be paid for but the Deputy Prime Minister said it would revolutionise mental health services, helping up to 110,000 children.

‘I have heard, time and again, harrowing stories from young people and their families about how they suffered and their condition deteriorated waiting to get the right treatment for serious mental health problems,’ Clegg said.

The money for children’s mental health services in England will equate to an extra £250 million a year, on top of the £700 million which the NHS currently spends.