Women are being encouraged to seek early medical treatment to fight breast and cervical cancer, and are being told not to fret about the cost as the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) covers breast and cervical cancers.

This is according to the head of communication at the NHIA, Selorm Adonoo.

He expressed his surprise as to why people suffering from these conditions will endure the excruciating pain for so long before seeking medical attention.

According to him though cancers are expensive to treat, women living with breast and cervical cancers are exceptional.

The NHIS is said to run a very huge benefit package which accounts for about 95% of all reported illnesses in the country.

Some of the packages include, out-patient cases, and an extensive amount of in-patient department conditions.

Mr Adonoo revealed that his outfit intends to educate the public on the benefits of the scheme which he believes will make an impact in the life of many.

He added that most of the complaints from the subscribers could be resolved through extensive education.

Mr Adonoo also displaced claims that the NHIS has collapsed.

“The facts on the ground don’t support that claim. Just visit any of our registration centres and see the crowd there at any point in time waiting to be either registered for the first time or to renew their membership. If the ‘collapse’ assertion were true, why do people keep going to our offices to register to be part of the scheme?” he said on UTV.