Some Turkish nationals have allegedly assaulted a Ghanaian businessman on the Spintex Road at Accra in the Greater Accra Region.

According to the Baatsona Police Divisional Command, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Barry CSC, Prince Barry contracted a Turkish furniture company to produce furniture for them.

The Turkish company is called Ella Furniture Ltd and located on the Spintex Road in Accra. Barry CSC is a construction company located at Kpone.

Barry CSC awarded a GH¢63,000 contract to Ella Furniture Ltd in April 2018 to make some furniture for him and paid them over 80 percent of the contract sum. Per the terms of the contract, both parties agreed for the goods to be delivered by the end of May.

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However, Ella Furniture Ltd later asked for an extension of the delivery date to June because they were unable to get some of the raw materials locally.

Barry CSC agreed and promised them payment of their remaining GH¢9, 000 immediately they supply the furniture.

“When Barry CSC contacted Ella Furniture at the end of June to ascertain when the goods would be supplied as a result of pressure from their business partner, the Turkish did not give Barry CSC any good explanation."

“The management of Barry then proceeded to Ella Furniture Ltd. Eventually, a misunderstanding ensued. A complaint was lodged with the Mannet Police and the Turkish company promised to deliver the goods last Friday but failed to do so. When the management of Barry went to the Turkish for their goods they became furious; one of them used a stick to hit the head of the CEO and blood started gushing out,” the source alleged.

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The CEO rushed to lodge a complaint with the Mannet Police where he was issued with police medical report form to attend hospital for treatment and examination.

Prince Barry has confirmed the incident. But the Turkish refused to comment on the matter when this journalist contacted him for his side of the story.

Meanwhile, ACP Felix Kwasi Cosmos said that they have started investigating into the matter.