Feminist group, Pepper Dem Ministries, has strongly refuted claims linking the group to comments which suggest wives cooking for their husbands is slavery.

The group has been vilified by a number of Ghanaians on social media after a post by one of its members reportedly said women who cook for their husbands are being enslaved.

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However, the vocal group has sought to clarify their stance on the subject by releasing a statement to that effect.

The group maintains that they have been misquoted and taken out of context by majority of Ghanaians, adding that they do not share in the opinion that cooking for your husband is slavery.

“We wish to reference one particular angle which has been falsely attributed to PDM. This is that cooking for your husband is slavery and those who do so are slaves. We wish to categorically state that PDM has never made this statement, doesn’t share this opinion and does not align with it nor endorses it,” the statement said.

It added: “If you have followed us keenly, PDM’s goal is to promote choice, agency, balance and fairness. PDM has members, supporters and allies who support their homes and take delight in cooking for their families.

“We believe that our member’s post suggesting that people shouldn’t use the choices their wives make to set standards for all other women has been taken out of context and a storm created unnecessarily out of this.

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“As an organization, we understand that adults can and should take decisions that work for them and also honour the dignity of both parties.”

The feminist group further urged the media to be more professional in their reportage when it comes to sensitive matters of this nature.

“We would like to entreat media houses to act professionally and check stories before they run amok with it and create storms out of tea cups and send the whole country on a wild goose chase with time that could have been used profitably to pursue progressive gender conversations.

“Media houses and people who do not agree with us must desist from these propaganda,” the statement added.