A mob of angry youth at Larbanga in the Northern Region on Thursday evening killed 2 elephants as they were returning to the Park after straying to graze in the area.

The Manager of the park told Accra-based Starr FM that they deployed a team of officers after some farmers called to inform the park that the animals had strayed into farmlands.

“My officers on the ground deployed four men on motorbikes to trace where the call came from. The men heard that the animals were returning to the park and when they got to the Larbanga vicinity, not the town, the animals won’t go through the town. They were just passing by and a group of young guys mobilized themselves, ambushed them and shot two of them,” he said.

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“The information got to us and quickly we mobilized again then the entire Larbanga community came out and got loose. They came out with all kind of weapons and tools and started hacking the meat to the extent that they handled my staff, they even seized one of our rifles,” Farouk stated.

The youth shot 2 animals and injured 2 others who managed to escape the fatal ambush.

The park officers who were sent to the area were assaulted until police officers arrived.

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Even though, the police rescued the security officers they could not retrieve the seized weapon. The police, however, could not stop the community members from chopping down the meat to their homes.

He said, with the presence of the police, the Park security was able to only take custody some vital parts of the animals, including the tusks and skulls.

Meanwhile, the Damongo police have been investigating the incident where an officer was found killed by suspected poachers about a month ago.