The church left Ghana for politicians to run and they failed - Lawrence Tetteh bemoans

Founder and President of World Wide Miracle, Reverend Dr. Lawrence Tetteh has expressed concern about the church's decision to delegate governance responsibilities solely to politicians.


In an interview on TV3's Hot Issues on December31, 2023, Dr. Tetteh said leaving the country to politicians to solely run has led to the current challenges facing the nation.

“I think that the church lost its guard by leaving everything in the hands of the politician. That is the naivety that I think we have woken up to. And going forward, we are going to be handling things in terms of values, principles and also taking into consideration that, we left everything in the hands of politicians and politicians almost let us down,”

Addressing the church's role in national development, Dr. Tetteh urged a reconsideration of decision-making solely in the hands of politicians. He highlighted the positive impact of church involvement in schools

"When the church controlled the schools, there was a lot of moral discipline. The values came down when the church left the schools in the hands of just the government and politics."


Expressing disappointment in Ghana's development, Dr. Tetteh criticized successive governments for failing to protect the public purse.

"Successive governments have not been able to protect the national purse. Successive governments begin programs, and governments that take over do not continue it." He lamented.

Dr. Tetteh also touched on President Akufo-Addo's promise to protect the public purse and the establishment of the Office of the Special Prosecutor. Despite these efforts, he observed that the issue of corruption persists, noting, "That does not help development. We have become so politically minded instead of nationalistic or Ghanaian minded."

In the same interview, Dr. Tetteh expressed reservations about the National Cathedral project. Initially excited about it, he changed his stance due to emerging issues of corruption in project-related procurements and the resignation of senior clergymen serving on the project's board. Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams and Rev. Eastwood Anaba resigned, citing the government's failure to appoint an independent accounting firm to audit public funds contributed to the National Cathedral.


“I was very excited about it initially but having heard some of the things, if my colleagues there are very uncomfortable I think I will be very unwise to want it done,” Dr Tetteh said.

National Cathedral of Ghana is a proposed interdenominational Christian cathedral slated for construction in Accra, the capital city, as a focal point of Ghana's 60th-anniversary festivities.


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