The 22-year-old officially started her music career about 5 months ago and her name is fast becoming a household name, fetching her fanatics that can go the extra mile to show her love. Well, thanks to some few controversies such as the pad incident and her "kut off" saga with Bullet.

Driving through the streets of Accra, an unknown young boy, who appears to be the “Girls Hate On Hate Girls” fanatic decided to jump on her moving car, screaming her name and showing the excitement of seeing her.

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Fantana shocked by the reaction, managed to record it whilst saying “Like is he dead a*s? Omg, he is there sleeping on my car, what?” The singer later shared the video and wrote “this is where I’ve reached, Fantana Army, we get full vim

However, the video has been met with some backlash, as social media users describe the act as something that should be condemned. Reacting to the video, @poku_gram wrote "Should we be condemning this or praising it until it turns fatality? The brain is there for a purpose"

Watch the video below and tell us what you think too.