Funny Face is touring 10,000 schools nationwide

Funny Face has taken it upon himself to tour 10,000 schools across the country just to put smiles on the faces of pupils.

Funny Face

He made the announcement through his social media pages a few weeks ago and has so far toured a couple of them.

According to the “Cow and Chicken” series actor and producer, the tour is meant to entertain the pupils and educate them about sanitation and how to become good citizens of Ghana.

The tour will also cover senior high schools and will be under the theme: “Say no to drugs”. His intention is to educate them about the effects of drug abuse and how to stay away from it.

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Funny Face tweeted: "Operation touring 10,000 schools in Ghana to make dem happy, Educate dem, teach dem quality sanitation and how to become good citizens of Ghana in da near future .. with the Senior high schools da  “ theme “ is .. how to say no to drugs and da effects of Drug Abuse !!”

Below are some of the schools he has toured so far.

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