Ghanaian man who married 2 women on same day speaks, 'even Moses had two wives'

Ghanaian man Michael Houston, who recently married two women on the same day, has defended his decision against criticism, asserting that he made a personal choice and questioned those who questioned his actions.

Ghanaian man married two women on the same day at the same ceremony

In a Facebook post on December 20, 2023, Michael addressed the criticisms and challenges faced after his unconventional wedding.

"For the sake of my followers out there I will do a little explanation, I got married to these two beautiful women Adepa Fel Houston and Deejah Houston, and the country went berserk because people couldn’t understand how I made that happen, with many ridiculing the whole show," he clarified.

In a lengthy post on social media, he continue that "well, what y’all didn’t know was, I had two different engagements separately at each respective family house, and all customary rights for marriage were done to the very last note. We had mini ceremonies with religious leaders blessing the unions.

"Then I decided to have a grand one which I made public to announce to the world that my home is now blessed with two queens.

"Little did I know I would be labeled as a man who didn’t respect women. How do I spend a fortune to disrespect a woman by marrying them?? So society wanted us to keep dating and when pregnancy comes, we abort to avoid being stigmatized as born 1’s with no marriage?? Or society wants me to choose one and break the other one's heart when these two beautiful women have supported me throughout?"

"There was this one time when my business hit rock bottom with the biggest recession I had ever seen, I almost sold some of my properties but these two came together, gathered their savings and borrowed some from other people to help me push my business back to the top. No way in hell would I be able to live with myself if I had to choose one."

"At the end of the day, we made a choice to live as a family under the blessings of our family and the instructions of God.

"Yeah, you can label it as polygamy and whatnot, but where in the bible did God frown upon it? There are religions that don’t marry or have sexual activity and they don’t ridicule those that get married right?"

"Abraham, the man God said HE will curse if you curse him and bless if you bless him, married his half-sister right?? The one man who God gave wisdom and considered the wisest man ever lived, married 700 wives and had 300 concubines. Moses who brought us the 10 commandments had two wives right?

"Jesus never even married right, so technically as Christians and followers of Christ, we should have been obligated not to get married right. I can go on and on with these theories, but I know it won’t convince certain people who are hell-bent on disagreeing with it to protect either their beliefs or a certain way of life they deem normal.

"I lost many friends due to this marriage and made even more friends after, I am way more than capable of maintaining and making my wives happy and I seek no validation from anyone. It's my choice and their choice. If you are capable and want to make such a choice too, then shoot at it. If not then do what your strength can. I am done explaining, God bless you all and have a merry Christmas."

Despite the unconventional nature of their union, the trio's story serves as a testament that love is diverse, transcending societal expectations and embracing the extraordinary beauty found in unconventional connections.


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