This weekend, the Ghanaian dancehall act during an Instagram live video has disclosed that Burna Boy doesn't answer his calls nor respond to his texts. Shatta Wale was explaining to fans as to why people don't see Burna Boy hanging out with him again.

According to Shatta Wale, he's heard that the 'African Giant' singer has been going around telling the people that he (Shatta Wale) has granted an interview and said things about him which he doesn't like.

Angry Shatta Wale has bemoaned Burna Boy for what he says is 'behaving like a girl'. In the rant during his Instagram live video, he said he expected Burna Boy to walk to him and tell him directly what he has done than to be rather complaining to people.

According to Shatta Wale in the video above, he only said he gave Burna Boy house and cars to use when he was in Ghana, and that is was supposedly got the Nigerian singer angry. He accordingly bemoaned Burna Boy to go and listen to the full interview.

Shatta Wale's rant sparked reactions online over the issue he raised, a video has surfaced of his interview which has pissed off Burna Boy.

In the interview which happened at Onua FM some months ago, Shatta Wale agreed that it is his "Hosanna" that features Burna Boy that propelled the Nigerian singer to fame.

He also went on to say that "he (Burna Boy) was struggling" when he met him and that's why he had to house him for 4 months and gave him cars as well to use. However, he goes on to say that Burna Boy's Grammy nomination makes him happy because he takes pride in being such a friend to the "Dangote" singer.

Watch the interview below which has popped plus what Tweeps have been saying over what Shatta Wale said during the interview.