Kim Kardashian says she is 'desperate' to conceive another child to a point where she and husband, Kanye West are having sex '500 times a day'.

On Sunday's premiere of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' season 10, a moody and exhausted Kim told her sisters, she 'might have to try a surrogate'.

The 34-year-old was seen lying down in her bedroom robe trying to allow Kanye's sperm get into her uterus.

"The doctors said I have to lie down for 1- minutes after sex...and I had sex just before you got here,” Kim said as her sisters groaned in disgust.

The mother of one also revealed she called Kanye to a studio she was having a naked photoshoot so they could have sex while she was ovulating.

"You've got to get it in, when you can get it in," she said, after admitting they had sex in the bathroom.

The photos were of Kim completely naked because she was worried her body would 'start changing again' after baby number two was conceived.

"I want to have these pictures now, that will last forever," she uttered.

Kim also expressed her frustration of not getting pregnant despite trying so hard.

"I just got my period which means that I'm not pregnant this month and I'm really upset because I really tried really hard. It's like so frustrating, I'm exhausted and…I think I'm forcing it. I think I will just go with the flow a bit more."

Meanwhile her step brother, Brandon Jenner and wife Leah announced, March 15, they are expecting their first child.