Mario Winans – remember him?

Mario used to be one of the most celebrated R&B superstars back in the 90s with hit songs like, 'I Don't Wanna Know' featuring Diddy, 'I Need A Girl Pt 2” featuring Diddy, Genuwine and Loon etc.

Today the 40-year-old Grammy winning producer is a wanted man in Miami!

According to, Mario is said to be a debtor! He owes his baby mama more than 3 years of child support and has been running away to avoid paying that debt!

The gossip site now claims his baby mama got a warrant on in Miami... meaning whoever sees him should either tell him to run or head to a nearby police station.

Mario becomes the second balck 90s star to get entangled with the law. Yesterday, January 29, Jagged Edge singer Kyle Norman was arrested for domestic abuse when he attempted to force an engagement ring down his fiancee's throat.