Moesha and slay queens shut down Ghana Challenge competition

Moesha's participation was almost like a magnet, pulling other slay queens to also join the challenge


It might come as a prank but it is real. Moesha Boduong was at the Ghana Challenge 2018 not as a spectator but as a competitor. Ghana Challenge, Ghana's number one obstacle course competition got exciting when Moesha and her team stormed the Bojo beach to compete.

The sports entertainment competition show which will be broadcasted only on StarTimes Adepa TV every Thursday at 8pm, saw the gorgeous curvaceous model having to jump over hurdles, walk on a single log, crawl under a net, do the kangaroo jumping, climb a net, dig her XL size through an obstacle at the hole digging and many more challenges to win the cash prize of up to $5000 at stake.

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Moesha's participation was almost like a magnet, pulling other slay queens to also join the challenge. At this point it wasn't about the prize money but bragging rights. It was a great scene to see fine girls with "solid" bodies having to try and bounce over and go under obstacles. Even the camera men covering the competition got confused and lost focus. Imagine how fun that was.

The big question though is this; can Moesha jump the hurdles? Can she climb the net? How did she dig her big booty through the sand? How about the other slay queens? What do they have to offer? Can they walk on the single log bridge? There will be so much to laugh about in the Ghana Challenge 2018.

StarTimes used the Ghana Challenge competition to unit Ghanaian celebrities with their fans as they all participated on a common ground for the ultimate prize.

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