They are busy and lost interest in music; Papi on 5Five as he goes solo (WATCH)

55, one of the legendary Ghana music groups, has fallen apart. Papi, a member of the group, has confirmed the group is no more.

55 Papi

According to the rapper, real name Luther Azamati but well known as Papi, the group, unlike other music groups, separated on mutual grounds with members agreeing to pursue their individual interests.


In an exclusive interview with, Papi who is now a solo artiste disclosed that he made efforts to bring back the group but his attempts have proven futile because Killy, a member of the group already found himself something to do.

I am just there minding my own business and drinking coconut water. Just living my life. Chale life short oo, so you for enjoy. Since the group 5Five is no more. Nothing really happened to 5five. I think we just went off all of a sudden. I think it was a decision we made by ourselves just to sort some things out,” he said.

"I tried to bring them back but some of them got busy. I felt they lost interest in the music business. There was nothing like a fight or anything like that, we are still cool," he added.

According to Papi, his solo move is to also promote the group's name, revealing that he released two singles between 2021 and 2022.

I think I have two songs out. The first one is ‘Boys Taya’ and which was dropped on the December 3, 2021, and my new song which I dropped five months ago featured Mr Drew and Krymi and is called, Location” he said.

Hear more from him in the video below.


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