According to a statement from FIPAG, "her behaviour as that display of character does not represent what the film industry stands for or wishes to propagate," therefore, she has been suspended indefinitely.

The Press release reads "Our attention has been drawn to recent publications and circulation of videos social media pistons of vulgar and unprintable exchanges between Tracey Boakye a The contents at so bad and affront to our Ghanaian Cultures, Traditions, E Sensibilities. The Film Producers’ Association of Ghana (FIPAG) finds their actions vary regrettable especially that of Miss Tracey Boakye, who happens to be an actress and a Film Producer and therefore supposed to serve as a role model".

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Another part of the letter stated that "In view of this, FIPAG has immediately suspended miss Tracey Boakye indefinitely. She is not supposed to take part in any of the activities during this period until the situation is reviewed".

Tracey Boakye
Tracey Boakye

However, Tracey in response to the letter is saying that she has never been part of the association so she doesn't understand the need for their suspension. She went bananas on the executives and sent a strong warning to them in the video below.