Britain's most successful male strip group, Dreamsboys, produce West end-style shows every weekend for hen parties, risque girls' nights out and those who just want to see a bunch of twenty-something hunks boogie about in skimpy underpants.

The Dreamboys, which was established in 1986 and has the strapline "where dreams become reality". Two members of the group, Rowan Row and Luke Baker, both 26, are just two of the aesthetically-pleasing hunks who have no qualms about taking their clothes off to pay the rent.

"To be honest with you it’s really fun but it also takes a lot of balls to do it,'' Romania-born, spiky-haired star Rowan told FEMAIL magazine.

Fearless Brummie Luke, echoed his pal's sentiments adding, ''If you’ve got it flaunt it right? I love dancing, love performing and I work very hard on my physique".

Luke, trained in paediatric physiology was encouraged by his parents to audition for a role three years ago and he has not looked back since. 'It can be very well paid.''We can make anything from £175 to £250 per show", he revealed.

Qualified personal trainer Rowan said, ''It's a mind-set. I'm a very dedicated, disciplined and ambitious person so I can say I do live a very healthy lifestyle and am committed to it. I don’t follow a specific diet, I just train like a machine".

Once Great Britain sprinter, Luke revealed he follows a very clean diet, "which includes lots of 'clean proteins, fish, venison, plenty of leafy greens and kale salad smoothies". He added, ''Fitness is my craft and lifestyle. I dance every day, I’m doing Latin dance six times a week. I also love the outdoors - walking, hiking, boot camp style training and climbing. Oh, and sex of course!''.

Every guy in the group has their own individual part to play in the show. The Dreamboys will be doing an exclusive one-off impact performance at The Empire, Leicester Square to celebrate the big screen launch of Magic Mike XXL on Saturday 4th July.