Ghanaian student escapes from kidnappers who kept him in cemetery [Video]

A 20-year-old Ghanaian student has recounted how he managed to escape from kidnappers who had kept him in a cemetery after capturing him from his school.

Victim escapes kidnap attempt

The victim, who identified as Rebecca Nantomah, is a student of the National Vocational Training Institute (NVTI) at Bole in the Savannah Region.

According to him, the assailants kidnapped him from his school premises during supper on Sunday after they hit him on his neck, making him unconscious.

Nantomah said he woke up from unconsciousness only to find himself in the Bole royal cemetery, where two men were guarding him.

The two men then asked him for the numbers of his relatives whom they could contact to ostensibly demand a ransom. While attempting to help the captors with the phone number they had requested, Nantomah phoned his schoolmates to inform them about his ordeal.

One of the kidnappers suspected that the victim might have called for rescue rather than simply complying with their instructions, so he rushed to the phone to verify.

While he was engaged in the verification efforts, Nantomah used the opportunity to try an escape. The other man who was left to keep watch over him engaged him in a struggle to prevent him from fleeing, but the young victim overpowered him. He managed to join his schoolmates and narrated his plight to them.

The incident has put fear into the student body and teachers.

The principal of Bole NVTI, Alhassan Salifu, expressed worry about the safety of the students, who he said leave the campus sometimes in search of water.

He has, therefore, advocated the beefing up of security in and around the school as well as the entire Bole township.

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