Prof. Aaron Mike Ocquaye said this during a prayer session in Parliament against the Coronavirus outbreak in Ghana.

Both Muslim and Christian prayers were said in Parliament on Wednesday, as Ghana marked a national day of prayer to seek God’s intervention over the pandemic.

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Speaker of Parliament, Prof. Aaron Mike Ocquaye
Speaker of Parliament, Prof. Aaron Mike Ocquaye

In his prayer, Prof. Ocquaye said: “The wonderful finger of God directed the President, soldiers had been prepared, vehicles prepared, hotels prepared without any public funfair. Otherwise, 30 people already with the disease, would have been around your people.

“But now they are being taken care of in quarantine. This is the doing of God. May his name be glorified. We ask for exceptional wisdom, guidance for the President of the Republic and all those who take decisions that affect your people at a time like this.”

Last week, President Akufo-Addo ordered a closure of Ghana’s air, sea and land borders to human trafficking, with the exception of goods, supplies and cargo.

Also, all persons who arrived in the country before closure of the ports were made to undergo mandatory quarantining.

Over 30 of the returnees who were quarantined have since tested positive to the Coronavirus, justifying the government’s move.

Meanwhile, Ghana’s confirmed coronavirus cases has skyrocketed to 68, with three deaths recorded.