Bawumia: Free laptops, No NSS, and 7 reforms for Ghanaian youth when elected President

Vice President Bawumia has unveiled a visionary plan aimed at transforming the lives of Ghanaian youth.

Bawumia Speaks: Free Laptops, No NSS, and 7 transformations for Ghanaian youth when Elected President

In an address in Accra on Wednesday, February 7, 2024, the flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party focused on education, employment, infrastructure, and digitalization, Bawumia outlined nine key initiatives that promise to shape the future of the nation. Here is a comprehensive look at what Bawumia plans to do for the Ghanaian youth.

Bawumia proposes a paradigm shift in the national service scheme. In an effort to prioritize job opportunities for graduates, he plans to make national service optional for students who secure employment after completing their education. This move aims to incentivize companies to actively recruit from campuses, fostering a more direct and efficient transition from education to the workforce.


Recognizing the demand for skilled professionals in the medical and legal fields, Bawumia pledges to expand infrastructure at medical schools and the Ghana Law School. This initiative aims to increase student admissions, addressing the shortage of healthcare and legal professionals in the country.

Bawumia envisions a comprehensive sports development plan, including the establishment of the Ghana School Sports Secretariat. This agency, in collaboration with relevant stakeholders, will work towards making Ghana a hub for emerging sports in Africa. By fostering collaborations with international bodies like the NBA and NFL, Bawumia aims to create more opportunities for young athletes.


To simplify passport acquisition, Bawumia proposes a seamless process for Ghanacard holders. By integrating passport information into the Ghana card, holders will only need to pay a fee through their mobile phones. This innovative approach streamlines the process, making passports more accessible to Ghanaians at home and abroad.

Bawumia acknowledges the importance of a robust telecoms industry for digitalization and economic growth. He commits to working with industry players to set clear policy guidelines, ensuring efficient spectrum allocation, and focusing on enhancing digital inclusion. Bawumia aims to reduce the cost of data, making it more affordable for ordinary Ghanaians.

Embracing the demands of the fourth industrial revolution, Bawumia plans to reposition the education system towards STEM, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and vocational skills. This includes implementing coding and robotics in senior high schools and providing laptops to students. Bawumia also proposes a One-student one laptop policy for tertiary students to equip them with the necessary skills for the future job market.


Bawumia envisions a digitally skilled workforce for the fourth industrial revolution. Collaborating with the private sector, he plans to train at least 1,000,000 youth in IT skills, creating job opportunities both locally and globally. Additionally, there will be an enhanced focus on Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) to bridge the skills gap.

Bawumia aims to support the establishment of a National Open University Ghana in collaboration with the private sector. This institution will focus on technical and vocational skills as well as ICT, providing accessible education to a broader segment of the population.


In a bid to address unemployment, Bawumia emphasizes the creation of jobs for the youth. His vision includes training hundreds of thousands of youth in digital and software skills, paving the way for employment opportunities, including for school dropouts. The private sector will play a crucial role in realizing this ambitious plan.

In conclusion, Bawumia's proposed initiatives present a comprehensive and forward-thinking approach to address the challenges faced by the Ghanaian youth. If elected president, these transformative policies hold the potential to usher in a new era of opportunities, empowerment, and prosperity for the youth of Ghana.


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