Business Insider: It's over, Joe Biden defeats Trump

US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is projected to win the 2020 election after he overtook President Donald Trump in Pennsylvania, a state that has 20 electoral votes.

Joe Biden projected to be President-elect of the US; here’s why

The United States of America had their elections on Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

With most of the electorate resorting to mail-in voting and early voting due to the coronavirus pandemic, the counting of votes after the elections have created a host of controversies and interesting reactions from both members of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.

When the counting of votes started, incumbent Trump experienced some early leads in states who had delayed the counting of mail-in votes, a situation that gradually turned around as more early votes were added to the tally.

On the morning of Friday, November 6, 3 days after the voting, former vice president Joe Biden led on electoral votes with 253 as Donald Trump trailed with 213. The candidate who was vice president to Barack Obama also had over 4 million popular votes more than America’s president.


Pennsylvania has 20 electoral votes and is one of the few states with the counting of votes still ongoing.

Having already done 253 and 213 electoral votes respectively, Bothe Joe Biden and Donald Trump’s quest of becoming the president of the United States of America for the next four years is reliant on Pennsylvania state, more so for Trump than Biden.

If Biden wins Pennsylvania officially, he will be the next President-elect of the US. If Donald Trump wins, he would boost his chances of staying in office despite needing more wins in other states to seal it.


On Friday, Biden who had for the most of the counting trailed Trump in Pennsylvania overtook the US president putting him on the verge of becoming the next president of the US.

Having trailed by 600,000 votes in Pennsylvania, Joe Biden has now over 13,000 votes more than Trump in the state.

At the time of this report, Biden had 3,310,574 votes as Trump trailed with 3,297,096 representing 49.5% and 49.3% of the votes respectively.

Despite some more votes to count in Pennsylvania, Biden is expected to keep the lead based on data available since the counting of the mail-in ballots that has mostly favoured Obama’s vice president.


President of the United States of America, Donald Trump has questioned the trend of mail-in ballots mostly going for Joe Bidden, classifying as illegal votes on various occasions. The Trump campaign team has also threatened with lawsuits in a bid to halt the counting of votes.

It is key to note that the mail-in ballots are not illegal per the various laws of the states involved.


A state like Pennsylvania was, however, not allowed to count these mail-in ballots until after the main election day, a process Rich Fitzgerald, Allegheny County, PA Executive indicates needs changing.

Joe Biden strengthened his bid to become the next president of the United States of America after taking the lead in Pennsylvania, a state with 20 electoral votes. The 77-year-old who also leads in Georgia and Nevada has back-up options if the unlikeliest of events happen in Pennsylvania.


Reports indicate Biden is already preparing for a speech and could be soon but does not want to declare until it’s official. Kamala Harris, Biden’s running mate will also become the first female Black and Indian vice president in America.


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