He said the former President is deep-rooted in corruption that there is nothing that can redeem him.

Chairman Wontumi said the recent Airbus bribery scandal confirms that corruption has infected John Mahama and the NDC like coronavirus.

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Speaking to Paul Adom Otchere on Good Evening Ghana, Chairman Wontumi said: "corruption has infected President Mahama like Coronavirus.”

To him, Mr Mahama is ‘someone who swims and baths corruption’ yet his party members are always at his defence.

John Mahama
John Mahama

Adding that, “When we talk about corruption, former president Mahama’s bottom is not clean…what it means is that former President John Mahama, corruption has affected [infested] him like Coronavirus.”

Wontumi cited several examples including the infamous Ford saga to back his claims that former president Mahama is indeed corrupt.

“The whole Aljazeera, BBC people asked him, can you say you’re not corrupt, and he said, me, nobody can say that I am not corrupt,” he said.