The Scottish and English want to learn from the GFA

The GFA President Kwesi Nyantakyi has stated the Scottish and English FA are interested in learning his Ghana's player registration system

The President of the Ghana Football Association Kwesi Nyantakyi has stated that the English and Scottish Football federations have written to his outfit that they want to learn from the Ghana Football Association.


Nyantakyi was speaking to media as he spoke on reforms concerning the Ghana Premier League.

He spoke on how well the Ghana Football Association has overseen a very good player registration system undertaken by the Professional League Board

English and Scottish FA have written to the Ghana FA to learn how our flawless player registration system works,”

“FIFA refers several countries to Ghana to learn how we are able to register players that has minimized unqualified player issues.”

The 2017/2018 Ghana Premier League enters Match day 2 this weekend.

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