Bishop turns 40; here are 12 controversial things about him

Here are just 12 of these magnificent claims made by the man of God himself.

The controversial man of God celebrates his 40th birthday today, August 29, and we have made a very special compilation to celebrate his 40th year on earth.

He has made headlines in the past for his outrageous claims about his material possession, spiritual ability, healing remedies and a host of other bold claims that would make your cringe or chuckle at the mere mention of it.

1. The onetime he said he owned more than 20 houses given to him by Jesus Christ

Angel Obinim said that Jesus Christ has bestowed upon him 20 houses, eight range rovers, five infinity SUV’s and three Chryslers.

2. He said God made him an angel and God himself would soon declare him(Obinim) God.

3. He described his cars into detail calling it “AUTOBIOGRAPHY”

He said the car’s brain power is superior to that of a human being with features which include the car automatically stopping when crossed, car doors shut themselves and it’s also bullet proof.

4. When he got arrested for openly flogging two teenage lovers in his God’s Way Church.

5. He said he could enlarge a man’s penis by blessing him

Bishop Obinim admitted that when he blesses a man with a small manhood it would grow exponentially. A story which got picked up by many international news outlets.

6. When he claimed he was angel Gabriel

Yes, he did claim that he was angel Gabriel like the actual angel Gabriel from the bible.

7. He kicked a pregnant woman’s stomach all in the name of prayer’s and deliverance.

8. The one time he threatened to rig the 2016 elections

In an interview on OBTV, the bishop said: “For those of you who think you are voting for NDC, NPP, CPP or PPP when you are done the voting for your candidate physically I will spiritually change your vote.”

9. When he admitted that he has the capability to kill five billion people in one night and even Jesus Christ knows he is that dangerous of a man.

10. Oh and do not forget when he claimed to have healed a woman who was HIV/AIDS positive

A member of the church Rose Agbavor gave testimony before the congregation and said Bishop Obinim appeared in a dream and performed one of his famous “spiritual surgeries” on her and voila the sickness was gone. She even had papers to prove it.

11. He can turn into anything including an animal and a tree

The prophet did say he had the power to become an animal during an interview on OB TV adding that when he entered the spiritual realm he can morph into so many things.

12. He can retrieve passports from the spiritual world

A member claimed that her passport had gone missing and she needs that to acquire a new one and the controversial pastor said her passport had been withheld in the spiritual realm and so he would retrieve it.

The claims of the controversial pastor are many and one cannot fully determine the extent of his spiritual ability but it is wonderful to know the Lord is using his disciple as an instrument to improve lives and we wish him nothing but the best on his birthday.


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