Big Brother Africa stars, Elikem Kumordzi and Zimbabwean beauty Pokello Nare reunited on the Late Night Celebrity Show on Wednesday. The couple's appearance on TV cleared break-up rumours following a social media feud between them.

Elikem's twitter account admitted that he had an affair with Nii Odartey Lamptey’s ex-wife, Gloria. The posts read:

“I had an affair with Gloria Lamptey for 4 years before Big Brother.i tried to start a new life with Pokello but it seems my past won't allow,”

“Pokello broke up with me 3 months ago because Gloria was harassing her. I fought to get her back and now it seems I can't win"

"The truth must come out once and for all.Yes I was young and had an affair with a married woman for 4 years.i denied media reports about it”

“When Pokello is mad, no one gets thru to her. Yes Gloria has made her life hell but the way she reacts is just wrong. I'm not perfect”

“To my fans, I apologise. I have tried to clear this situation ensurin Pokello I want her but she keeps gettn calls n texts so we keep fightn,”

It was alleged that Pokello was behind the posts beacuase Elikem gave her false promises of marrying her. Both parties stayed quiet and decided not to comment but it seems all is well now with "Polekem" as they both appeared on The Late Night Celebrity Show looking very happy together. Elikem talked about his new movie while Pokello talked about her fashion buisness also.