A former contestant of Ghana Most Beautiful (GMB),

According to Akosua Ayiwa Sika, she wasn't picked for the Kumasi audition so she spoke to a judge for help.

In an interview on Kumasi-based Luv FM, the 2015 contestant claimed that the employee whom she did not know came to her and demanded sex to her get into the pageant.

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"I was actually didn't pick at the Kumasi audition and I had to talk to one of the judges ,so that is when the problem started, the judge told me he is going to help me train so I pick a form for the Accra audition and indirectly they hook me up with someone and the person they link me too asked me to come to his house and I didn't go so he freaked out on me", she said.

Tv3 staff demanded sex – Ghana Most Beautiful 2015