Thief forced to eat a full bunch of unripe plantains (video)

A man alleged to have been caught stealing plantains was forced to eat a full bunch of unripe plantains to avoid more beatings.

Alleged thief forced to eat unripe plantain

He was arrested by residents of the community where he tried to make off with the plantain, which did not belong to him.

A video of the dramatic incident has been making the rounds online, sparking diverse reactions.

In the footage, the suspect is seen seated on the ground as residents surround him while wielding canes in readiness to flog him if he failed to eat the unripe plantain.

Some of the residents are seen peeling the plantains for the man who appears to be overfed and unable to eat anymore.

"They caught a thief an forced him to eat unripe plantain," Instagram page, hxnry_nevoir captioned the video.

Such mild extrajudicial punishments appear to be becoming the order of the day in recent times.

Last year, in Ghana, an alleged cable thief was forced to laugh hard against his will while saying "stealing is so sweet" in compliance with instructions by angry residents who arrested him.

A hilarious video of the incident circulated online in which the alleged thief was seen sitting on the floor while surrounded by people reported to be Takoradi residents who claimed he had been on their raider for a long time.

The suspect was allegedly attempting to steal some electrical cables from a shop when he got nabbed.

According to a narrator who filmed the video, the residents took their pains to be on guard over the night to arrest the alleged thief who seems to be in his 50s.

Amidst beatings, the man was instructed to laugh and say "stealing is so sweet", and he hesitantly complied to avoid receiving further beatings.

Although laughter is meant to express fun, it is obvious in the case of the alleged thief that he was expressing the opposite under duress.


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