The commentator said Nigeria’s goalkeeper is 19 years and Twitter is going absolutely berserk

Twitter can't handle the fact that Nigeria's 2018 FIFA World Cup goalkeeper Francis Uzoho is 19 years old.

Clubs have a keen eye on the numbers a player has racked up on earth when it comes to signings. National teams consider these conditions too because the ideology is, the older the player, the lesser his activity on the field also, old players are prone to injuries.

So yes, age is a part of the game of football.

But with so many eyes watching these days, people have their own specifications of what a certain age should look like. If a player claims he is a certain age, he must look like it. Well, that’s how football fans see it especially those on social media.

Nigeria, one of Africa’s representatives at the 2018 FIFA World Cup tournament in Russia played their first game against Croatia on Saturday, June 16.

One of the highlights of the game was when the commentator mentioned that Nigeria’s goalkeeper Francis Uzoho is a teenager.

The comment did not go past the ever-willing ears of Twitter folks. Despite, no official confirmation from Tweeps that Uzoho is not a teenager, people can’t handle the comment purely based on the goalkeeper’s look and Twitter is going berserk.


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