9 rich kids of popular Ghanaian millionaires who have become famous

'You want to Bamba, You wanna chill with the big boys?' then have a look through this list of people who by the virtue of their parent's wealth, are big boys and girls living a soft life.

10 rich kids of popular Ghanaian millionaires who have become famous

He is the son of Ghanaian millionaire, Dr Osei Kwame Despite. Kennedy Osei shot into the spotlight with his white wedding.

The ceremony became one of the biggest Ghanaian weddings over the display of Despite's luxurious cars. Since then, Kennedy Osei became a popular rich kid.

Saahene is also one of the children of Dr Osei Kwame Despite. Unlike his other siblings who keep a low profile, Saahene is a fashion enthusiast, blessing social media with creme de la creme photos.

Saahene's content and 'soft life' on Instagram have attracted eyeballs which makes him one of the rich kids of popular Ghanaian millionaires who have become famous.

Goddy is a new introduction to the list of rich kids who have become famous due to their parent's popularity. The teenager is the son of Ghanaian millionaire, Nana Kwame Bediako, popularly known as Freedom Jacob Caesar.

Goddy Bediako attained his popularity from the 2020 GIS Prom night which went viral. The teenager drew attention to himself as he wore an expensive Richard Millie wristwatch to the Prom.

Speaking about the watch in the video above, he revealed that it costs around $300,000. Goddy now has an Instagram account with about 9,000 followers.

This means he is here to stay as a rich kid of a popular Ghanaian millionaire who has become famous so we have to expect more from him.

Born Daniel Duncan Williams, the young rapper is the son of Bishop Duncan William - an affluent Ghanaian man of God who is a dollar millionaire.

Dee Wills became more popular after he went through a series of bipolar episodes that saw him posting his nude videos and talking about his father's riches and family matters.

Daniel Williams during one of his mental breakdown episodes revealed that his father owns an expensive mansion in one of the most luxurious estates in America.

Sharaf at this point needs no introduction. He is the son of former Ghanaian President, H.E John Dramani Mahama. Although the former president has other children, most of them are off the spotlight but the story is not the same for Sharaf.

Nursing a football career, the son of the President has featured in national ceremonial football matches that threw the spotlight on him. His relationship stories have also made headlines.

The last time Sharaf was in the news, he bought an expensive designer handbag for his Miss Malaika girlfriend, Jasmine Djan, as Valentine's Day gift.

Farida Mahama is also a child of Former President Mahama. Being a Daddy's Girl, the teenager grew in the public eye as her father often introduces her to the public either through interviews or social media posts.

Accordingly, Farida has become one of the rich kids of popular Ghanaian millionaires who are famous.

Ken is the first son of Ghanaian politician and business tycoon, Hon Kennedy Agyapong, who is now vying to contest the NPP primaries to become the Presidential candidate of the ruling party.

Ken who was schooled in the United States is following in his father's footsteps to also become an entrepreneur.

He is the co-founder of the popular Afrochella music festival. Working for Afrochella has thrown the spotlight on Ken as one of the rich kids of the popular Ghanaian millionaires we know.

Kojo Jones is one of the rich kids we know out there. It became more obvious after he held a flamboyant wedding that got Ghanaians talking over him pouring too much money into the ceremony that was held for three days between Kumasi and Accra.

Kojo Jones married Raychel Osei at a ceremony that saw them exchanging vows at the beach. In the books of many, he currently holds the record for holding the most expensive beach wedding in Ghana.

Kojo Jones is a businessman and into real estate. However, he was born into money. His late biological father and step-father are all well-known rich men. Kojo Jones' mother, Rv Gifty Lamptey, is considered one of the top three richest women in Ghana.

Despite being grown women who have all married, the two children of Ghana's sitting President, H.E Nana Addo, are still rich kids in our eyes. The two siblings are the most popular children of the President.

Edwina recently made headlines with her wedding that saw her marry, Kwabena Jumah, the son of affluent Ghanaian politician, Mr Maxwell Kofi Jumah who is currently the CEO of GIHOC.

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