Akuapem Poloo and 5 other popular Ghanaians who switched religions

Freedom of Religion is a constitutional right, hence, no one is tied to any particular religion for life. Accordingly, some people at some point in life decide to switch religions based on new understandings, experiences and learnings.

Akuapem Poloo converts to Islam

However, some religious switches come as a surprise to many. On this note, let's take you through a list of popular Ghanaians who decided to switch religions, in a way that came as a surprise to many.

The actress was known as a Christian ever since she became popular in Ghana. However, a few weeks ago, she announced that she has converted to Islam.

"I am not impressing any one. Mind you, my son is nine years old and he is a muslim. I got pregnant for a muslim guy in 2012 and gave birth in 2013. That should tell you I know what I am doing. I love Islamic religion," she said.

MzBel once made it known that she doesn't believe in Jesus Christ in the bible. According to her, she is into Judaism. However, according to the Ghanaian singer, she has now converted to being a traditionalist.

“From Christianity to Hare Krishna then back to Christianity, move on to Judaism then kemet now African spirituality,” she said in an interview and added that "My soul searching journey so far".

Victoria Lakshmi Hamah is a Ghanaian politician. Currently, she runs a non-profit organisation for women - Progressive Organisation for Women's Advancement (POWA).

Victoria shunned politics in 2013 after she was sacked as Deputy Communications Minister over a leaked audio tape in which she was heard telling an unnamed friend that she would not quit politics until she had made at least one million US Dollars.

Victoria Hammer was known to be a Christian but she later made it known that she believes in Hindusim. In 2018, she was selected by by the Head of the Hindu Monastery in Africa to participate in the World Hindu Congress.

Thomas as his name suggests, was a Christian. However, the Ghanaian footballer who now plays for Arsenal FC, converted to the Islamic religion this year.

A post by the Muslim Athletes page on Instagram announced Partey’s conversion: “Thomas Partey has converted to Islam today. Barakallah brother.”

In a video shared by ace broadcaster Nana Aba Anamoah, Partey revealed he converted because of the woman and there is nothing wrong with it.

In the video, he shared: “I have a girl I love, I know my side chics will leave me but it’s no problem… I grew up with Muslims so at the end of the day it’s the same thing”. His muslim name is Yakubu.

The Ghanaian journalist and the editor-in-chief of the New Crusading Guide newspaper was born into the Catholic faith but he has converted to Islam. Ever since his conversion in 2008, he became Abdul Malik Kwaku Baako.

The ace Ghanaian journalist later grabbed a Muslim wife in addition to his wife as he new religion permits him.

The Ghanaian football legend, was a known Christian as his name suggests. However, he is said to have converted to Islam.

The former player who is the current Deputy General Secretary of the Confederation of African Football married Kalsoume Sinare, a Ghanaian actress, and they have three children together, Shaquille, Boukeem and Keisheira.

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