Consider returning to Ghana to grow economy - Regina Van Helvert to Ghanaians abroad

TV presenter, Regina Van Helvert has made a passionate appeal for skilled professionals to consider returning to Ghana to contribute to the nation's economic growth.

TV Presenter, Regina Van Helvert

In a recent episode of the Ladies Circle on TV3, Van Helvert shared a story relayed to her by a friend, highlighting the challenges faced by many Ghanaians in pursuing their career aspirations within the country.

"A friend shared his personal experience with me," she recounted. "He was like he loved ICT so much, like it so much. But when he looked at the educational system, it wasn't rich enough to support that dream. So he had to go outside the country to get that skill, to be able to chase his dream. And currently, he actually works at one of the big brands in the United States of America."

Van Helvert emphasized the need for Ghana to tap into the expertise of its diaspora, particularly in fields where the local educational system might be lacking. She urged professionals abroad to return and help bridge the gap.


"I am hoping that you will be able to come down because he has faced that challenge and he understands how things are here currently with our educational system, students that are suffering with trying to understand the practical aspects of some of these things projects so hopefully we can come down here to help with Exactly," she said.

Sika Osei, also part of the discussion, echoed Van Helvert's sentiments, highlighting the challenges returning professionals often encounter.

"They still come back and are challenged with the structures of ground and then that obviously deters," Osei added.

In recent times, a number of Ghanaians are reported to have left the country in search for greener pastures.


Van Helvert's call to action underscores the importance of leveraging the expertise of Ghanaians abroad to drive innovation and economic development within the country.


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