Everyone who is anyone knows and envy the Carters, this we know for a fact.

Today the fourth of April, marks their 7th wedding anniversary although the couple have been together for years.

Bey and Jay were first rumored to be dating back in 2002, when they were spotted at basketball games and started making cameos in each other’s videos.

Due to the fact that the status of their relationship has always been air-tight, no one knows the exact number of years they’ve been together; both always avoided answering that question.

However, we can safely say the two musicians have been tight for over a decade, a feat most entertainment couples have not been able to achieve.

Years after with rumoured breakup, a miscarriage, a public family dispute, and finally a child, the Carters have made it through it all.

Following sold out concerts, history-making albums, and Tidal feats in the music industry, the couple has shown that true love can literally conquer the world.

Happy anniversary to the carters.

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